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In 2016, we embarked on a mission to transform GenAI into a universal mentor for work and education, with the goal of leveling the playing field for everyone. Today, our vision is a reality! Thousands are benefiting from their GenAI Buddy or Avatar, unlocking their potential and discovering new opportunities in their lives.

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An AI like no other

At the heart of our innovative platform lies the power of OpenAI’s GPT engine, a cornerstone of artificial intelligence that enables us to redefine the boundaries of personalized learning and emotional support. But we didn’t stop there.

What makes our buddies



We combine behavioral science, OpenAI’s expertise, and unique content for a seamless, bespoke tool, ensuring a personalized experience unique to each user.


We adapt to each user‘s preferences with customizable language and voice, offering a personal interaction that aligns with each individual’s style.

Skill &
Will (IQ+EQ)

We always merge practical expertise with motivational drive, empowering users to apply their abilities towards goals for significant growth.


We employ advanced security protocols to protect sensitive organizational information, demonstrating our dedication to data integrity.


We automatically remove deleted conversations after 30 days to maintain user privacy and confidentiality, reinforcing our commitment to discretion.

The people behind your Buddies

Co-founder & Chief Visionary Officer



Sales & Growth Advisor
Human Resources Advisor

General Counsel

Brand & Marcomm Advisor
Design/Innovation Advisor

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